Should You Join a Professional Organization?

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For many accounting professionals, joining a professional organization can seem like an unnecessary use of time and money. Before you write off the idea of joining a finance-oriented association, consider the benefits. More often than not, the potential opportunities and relationships make up for the costs.

For accounting professionals, one of the most important reasons to join a professional organization is the networking opportunities. Many organizations offer special gatherings designed specifically to facilitate introductions. Each event gives you the chance to meet other financial professionals, which can lead to job opportunities, client referrals and valuable partnerships. Once other professionals have the chance to meet you in person, they are more likely to recommend your services. For most accountants, the potential business opportunities are reason enough to join an industry association.

As an accountant, it is imperative to keep up-to-date on the latest laws and policies regarding taxes, business operations and other financial proceedings. A professional organization offers numerous educational opportunities to help you stay abreast of crucial information. Many groups hold training seminars, workshops, certification courses and conferences. Participating in professional development events can help you secure promotions at work or enable you to offer a wider range of services to your clients.

Many people in financial positions work independently. A membership in a professional organization gives you access to other motivated and enthusiastic financial professionals, each with a unique background. By developing relationships with other members, you can benefit from their experience and insight. Many organizations offer mentoring programs designed to help members navigate professional hurdles and create an effective career plan. Fellow members can also serve as sounding boards for problems at work or provide an objective opinion when you need an outside perspective. Whether you are looking for ideas for a new business venture or struggling to figure out how to help a specific client, an organization's collective knowledge is a valuable resource.

No matter where you are in your career, membership in a professional organization can provide career opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to you. After all, people often prefer to hire people they know then take a chance on a stranger. By making yourself a regular presence at an organization's events, you can become a known quantity in the industry, making future career moves easier. Participation in a professional organization also enables you to meet hiring managers and learn about job openings before they are made available to the general public.

In many cases, a membership in a professional organization can open up valuable opportunities and profitable relationships for you. Whether you are a new accounting graduate or an experienced financial professional, seeking out a relevant group has the potential to be a smart career move.


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