Should You Use Cloud Technology?

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Cloud computing, an exciting new technology, allows you to eliminate the need for warehouses full of paper or even hard servers and drives. Being able to store your data virtually is a huge step for many businesses of all sizes, but is it right for you?

The benefits of cloud computing are clear. Being able to eliminate hard storage options means that you can save money on equipment and space. Gone is the need to worry about physical damage, and you can also access your data remotely from anywhere in the world. Switching over to cloud computing adds a new level of convenience and simplicity that wasn't available before. The problem is that many companies are hesitant to switch over because of a few basic, but legitimate concerns.

As of 2014, the main issue that many potential users of this new technology have is the security. People are, understandably, hesitant to trust their critical data with cloud computing, as it's new, and there have been publicized security breaches already. This is especially concerning for accountants, who handle extremely confidential and sensitive information. One breach could have serious consequences.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that this technology doesn't cause security problems. In fact, as long you as you do it right, you can improve security by switching to cloud computing. For instance, processing paper checks leaves your clients' bank information susceptible to prying eyes. With cloud computing, you can use a service to always encrypt any private information such as bank accounts or routing numbers. As long as you take steps to ensure that your data is encrypted properly, and that authentication processes are rigid and secure, cloud storage can improve your protection.

Another common concern is that using cloud computing technology is going to make previous data difficult or impossible to access. The reality is that you may feel like switching to a brand new system is going to compromise your existing tried-and-true methods, but cloud computing actually makes sorting and finding information much easier than using paper or hard drives. The virtual data storage options can be customized so you can seamlessly switch over without having to significantly alter your current access methods. You remain in control. You can continue accessing the same data in a familiar way; you're just doing it more efficiently.

If you're still not sure about taking this step, voice your concerns to a professional. Even if you decide not to switch over to cloud computing, it's better to be sure than to wonder if you're missing out. Successful businesses realize the importance of keeping up with the latest technology, and cloud computing has a future. Using the cloud may not be for everyone, but if only to fulfill curiosity, check it out.


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