So You Want to Be a Chauffeur?

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If you enjoy driving and want to make money doing it, you might consider becoming a chauffeur.  Whoa.  Hold on.  It’s not as easy as it sounds. Being a good chauffeur has many responsibilities—besides just sitting behind the wheel of a stylish limo.  Here are some things you’ll have to do and some skills you’ll  have to acquire to become a professional chauffeur:


Be personable. Not all your passengers will be beautiful women (or hunky guys) and rock stars. You’ll have to maintain a pleasant personality in the face of picky, demanding, often grumpy individuals.  People who think money puts them above you. You’ll sometimes be treated as a “non-person,” as merely “the help.”


Be knowledgeable. You’ll be expected to know every hotel, night club, theater, museum, art gallery and major street like the back of your hand. Your passengers will treat you like a concierge on wheels. You’ll be the “go to” person for answers to a multitude of questions about life in your city.


Be presentable. You’ll have to look like you “have it together.” If your clientele is mostly corporate top brass, you’ll have to look like an aspiring young CEO—no neck tats, no facial piercings, coat and tie, and “little-boy regular” haircut. If your clientele falls into the film and rock star category, you’ll have to keep up with the trends in that industry.  Incidentally, being presentable also applies to your limo. It should be showroom clean, inside and out, and always freshly stocked with snacks and liquor.


Be discrete. A lot goes on in the back of a limo. You may hear and see things that would make headlines, break up companies and marriages, and feed rumor mills. It’s up to you to keep these things to yourself. Many a chauffeur have been  fired for blabbing what they heard afterward at parties.


Be legal. You’ll need to determine your state’s specific requirements and appropriate credentials for employment as a professional chauffeur. There may be a minimum age requirement. You’ll also need to have and maintain a clean driving record. One moving violation, maybe—but no DUIs. Getting a chauffeur’s license also means learning how to drive and park an extra long car.  Depending on your employers, you may even be required to learn some defensive-driving techniques. Some colleges offer programs that are taught by professional chauffeurs.


Be in control. If your clientele are rock stars, TV or film personalities, you’ll have to show them that you won’t tolerate certain behaviors. That means, from the minute they step into your limo, you have to show them that you’re in control of the ride. No speeding through red lights, no drugs, no “mooning” through windows or flashing breasts through the sunroof.


Being a chauffeur has its rewards, but it also has its responsibilities. If you have a passion for this career, you’ll accept both.




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  • Matthew R
    Matthew R
    I have been working for 10 years now in telecommunications, and have often complained at the 'static' nature of the job, seeing that I like travelling to many different places. I also happen to love driving, which makes the idea of being a chauffeur a no brainer
  • R.L. DeLaine
    R.L. DeLaine
    I'm interested in becoming a professional chauffeur. I have a clean driver record, and drove 18 wheeler for 8yrs. whats the pay like? is it's stable? I would love to do something like this only if its rewarding..
  • charles m
    charles m
    sound interesting
  • Alex Kecskes
    Alex Kecskes
    Thanks for all your comments. You can get more info on becoming a driver by joining the National Limousine Association -- check out their scholarship program:
  • Duane Kelley
    Duane Kelley
    When I moved to Wichita I was in the glass instalation business and had to get to know the city fast. I do know it quite well. I talk to people very well and am a likable person. I would lilke to try this opportunity.
  • Paul F
    Paul F
    All in a days work ,service with a smile no matter what the conditions Ive been working for FedEx 13 yrs no accidents or complaints from customers this position is right up my alley thanks for opportunity if one arises. have a great day !
  • Robert K
    Robert K
    Sounds interesting
  • chris h
    chris h
    i think it would be great to have a job where i could meet alot of interesting and sucessful people.
  • anthony t
    anthony t
    So where would I start to become a chauffeur.
  • Alex Kecskes
    Alex Kecskes
    Thanks for all your comments. I wish you all the best of luck in this tough economy.
  • Jeff K
    Jeff K
    You will also have to deal with some companies that (nickel and dime) the limo driver and the tips aren`t as good as they used to be and also some dispatchers will try to make you pay them for work or else you will sit there.
  • Joseph C
    Joseph C
    I am looking forward to making my career as a Chauffeur. Love to drive. Am great with talking to people. I know the city of Philadelphia and surrounding areas very well.
  • Teri H
    Teri H
    This sounds very interesting and I am always looking for "fun" jobs that will keep me engaged.
  • Jamey N
    Jamey N
    well think this for me and i like to give it a try.
  • michael m
    michael m
    Im very interested in this job field
  • Culasket B
    Culasket B
    Yes, I would love to become a professional chauffeurs driver. I do believe that I have that look for the job. Driving record good,but one mess up in 1998 of September. That I wish to forget, got a DUI. But since then,great driving record,no tickets nor accidents.

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