Square Makes Small Business Accounting Easier

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Small businesses looking to take advantage of the various technologies on the market that can be used to accept payments are most likely aware of the Square app. This iPhone, Android or iPad app allows anyone to charge a credit card with a free card reader that can be affixed to a smart phone or even by manual input for a cost of 2.75 percent per swipe.

Another advantage that the Square app offers for small businesses is its integration with QuickBooks. Keeping up with the new accounting technologies that are released to the market can be hard for small business owners who don't have time or money for a technology consultant. This is why finding a technology product that works across the board to meet your needs, such as how the Square app accepts payments and also makes your accounting practices easier, can help immensely.

Once you have signed up for the Square app, accepting payments is easy. You can either type in the credit card numbers on your client's card, along with the expiration date and security code, or swipe the card if you've requested and received the official Square credit card reader, which can be inserted into your smart phone or tablet's headset jack. The company then stores the payments you accept every day in your account, and you can transfer these funds to a personal or business bank account as soon as the next day.

The merger with QuickBooks makes it even easier for small business owners to complete their accounting tasks. Since November 2013, the Square app has offered seamless integration between its technology platform and the QuickBooks interface. This means that customers who have Square and QuickBooks can directly import their sales and tax information into QuickBooks, removing the need for manual input of your financial information. This integration makes small business accounting quicker and easier than ever before, and it also ensures greater accuracy in your accounting activities.

These formerly big-business tools and programs are now available at your fingertips for transactions large and small, giving you a cost-effective solution for payment processing and accounting practices. Square is best suited for small business owners who operate in-house, as well as those who sell their products or services on the go. With this smart phone payment-processing app, you can accept and process payments for a small fee wherever you have service.

When it integrated with the secure, open source QuickBooks platform, the Square app made small business accounting easier than ever. This simple solution helps small business owners fulfill their duties without having to worry about payment processing or accounting inconsistencies. Square customers can activate QuickBooks integration through their accounts or reach out to the company's customer service team for further inquiries.


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