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Small business owners need every possible edge to save money and earn profits, which is where accounting technology, computing services and business software come into play. Time is money for owners, and every minute counts when it comes to viable processes that make running a business more efficient.

Accountants help small business clients learn tips, tricks and solutions to better automate the financial aspects of owning a company. When software takes care of behind-the-scenes tasks, proprietors spend more time actually running their business. Automated software also saves time for staff. Three aspects of business technology improve an owner's bottom line, including merchant services, accounting technology and bank lending. Integrate these facets of small business technology to streamline background programs that save time and money.

Merchant services are important because most consumers carry credit and debit cards instead of cash. Researching the proper card processing program for a small business is vital to the accounting facet of business ownership. The right program integrates transactions with accounting, enterprise resource planning, billing, e-commerce, ordering and purchasing software. Companies like Square consolidate their payment software with accounting programs such as QuickBooks to make transactions easier to record and manage. Streamline several important financial aspects at once to become a better manager.

Small business accounting programs are much more affordable thanks to cloud computing that lets owners have nearly unlimited access to licensed software. Instead of buying an expensive license for several computers, proprietors simply login to cloud accounting software from anywhere. Input information with an intuitive dashboard that already knows how accounting works, update information in real time and seamlessly collaborate with associates on other devices. All of these background tasks improve efficiency.

Loans for small companies are also more streamlined thanks to websites that feature faster approval rates for credit applications. Internet portals such as connect lenders with prospective business owners who need extra cash for operations, expenditures or payroll. Websites let proprietors review loan options best for their needs, all from the comfort of the front office.

Advances make computer technology a must-have for any business owner, not just huge corporations. Accountants train and advise savvy owners to make the most of new programs, after which proprietors essentially run their own financial software. With the right choices early in the life of a business, owners have more freedom, and less stress, to develop a profitable business model faster and easier.

Competition for consumer cash is fierce in a free market economy, and business owners seek every edge they can find. Smaller, faster and better technology helps manage complex portions of business ownership while maintaining consistency throughout a company's financial processes. Computers, devices and software do much of the financial work so owners are free to tackle other aspects of the business.


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