Three Android Accounting Apps to Consider

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Tracking finances is an essential part of every accountant's job. Many technologically savvy accountants are turning to accounting apps for tablets and smartphones running Google's Android operating system to track sales and expenses and handle other major accounting tasks. Android's flexibility and near-instant upgradability make it a great choice for portable accounting apps, and three popular programs currently lead the pack when it comes to simplifying many common tracking tasks.

One of the best Android apps for savvy accountants is Forbes Receipt Tracker. This tracking app allows users to input receipts and outgoing expenditures quickly and easily using their smartphones or tablets, so it's a great way to ensure that managers and administrators in your company are effectively tracking their business expenses. It can quickly send information to a shared dropbox, allowing you to begin the filing and reimbursement process moments after each transaction completes. This app also allows users to take photos of receipts, creating a virtual version of a paper trail in case discrepancies arise at a later time.

ZipZipBooks offers multiple functions with an exceptionally simplified setup. Where this choice really shines is in its ability to track pay slips along with receipts, giving it the ability to handle personal finances as well as basic business expense reporting. This program also provides timely reminders of upcoming expenses and appointments and features a full online help system that makes navigation even easier, so it's a great choice for those who need accounting apps capable of multitasking.

Many different Android apps provide accounting solutions, but FreshBooks is head and shoulders above other accounting apps thanks to its exceptional handling of many common accounting tasks. Small businesses and larger companies alike benefit from FreshBooks's capabilities—you can use the app to issue invoices, accept online payments, track expenses, generate important reports, and confirm labor hours and pay. FreshBooks, like many other all-inclusive accounting apps, integrates with multiple operating systems and uses cloud storage to allow access by accountants and business leaders from virtually any location with an Internet connection.

Applications for your Android tablet or smartphone make it easier than ever to track business expenses and handle many of the day-to-day tasks that can complicate accounting. By turning to powerful accounting apps, you can reduce your workload while ensuring that all financial data generated by your employers is handled effectively as quickly as possible.



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