Three Google Chrome Extensions for Productive Admins

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Google Chrome has emerged as a heavily used and high-performing web browser. It offers quite a few optional extensions that enhance its already impressive capabilities and increase productivity for the user. For the average administrative professional who typically juggles many tasks at once, these extensions can streamline workloads and make the workday much smoother.

There are already several well-known tactics to increase productivity at work. Break down tasks into smaller pieces, do the hardest or least desirable task first, designate certain times of the day for checking email and voice mail messages, make to-do lists and mark things off as you go. By adding these Google Chrome extensions to your arsenal of tools, you'll find your workday sailing by a little easier.

If you typically work online with several tabs open at once, OneTab will save you from tab overload that can slow down or freeze your computer. This Google Chrome extension allows you to close all your running tabs and save them into a consolidated list that you can access with a click of your mouse. You can choose to re-open the tabs all at once, one at a time, or delete them altogether. Not only does this cut down on the visual clutter of your screen, it also substantially reduces the strain on your computer's memory, thereby increasing productivity. You'll find your computer runs faster and performs better without the need to manually close your tabs.

The Save to Google Drive extension allows you to save files of all types to a Google Drive folder as an alternative to saving to your PC's hard disk. Images, documents, videos and audio files can all be saved to Google Drive. This increases productivity by keeping your work computer's memory in tip-top shape, allowing you the security of saving without using up precious storage space.

Even the most dedicated administrative professional needs a little downtime at work to break up the monotony of the day. Don't allow a little playtime to get out of hand and derail a once-promising workday. TimeStats is a handy extension that tallies your time spent on the web. It tracks and collates website statistics and creates charts that clearly show you how much of your online time is spent in particular places. This can dramatically increase productivity by showing you exactly what websites distract you the most and allowing you to manage your time spent on non-work sites.

In today's technology-heavy workplace, it can be difficult to remain productive at work. It seems there are constant distractions from every direction, especially for administrative professionals. Google Chrome differentiates itself from other web browsers with these innovative and effective extensions. Install the extensions that are right for you, and watch your productivity increase substantially.

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