Three Hints for Moving Up in Accounting

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There are several types of accounting jobs, each with a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. From accounting clerk to certified public accountant (CPA), these positions generally provide good income and job security. If you wish to advance in this field, be mindful of these career accounting tips to make your climb up the ladder faster and more fruitful.

According to a recent survey, accounting jobs were one of the hardest positions to fill in the job market. That means that getting your foot in the door may be relatively easy, but you will have to work hard to advance. One of the fastest ways to be considered for advancement is through education and certifications. You only need a four-year degree in order to get an entry-level job as an accountant, but to earn a higher salary or job advancement opportunities, you may want to go back to school and get a graduate-level degree. Getting a CPA certification will also go far in helping you get a better salary or even a management position down the line. There are lots of accounting tips and tricks for passing the CPA exam, so make sure you are ready before sitting for the test.

Another one of the best accounting tips for job advancement is to consider a position as an auditor. Auditors are responsible for investigating a company's fiscal expenditures and are often tasked with finding ways to cut costs or at least bring them under control. This type of experience with a company's inner workings and financial health can be a real bright spot on your resume should you decide to apply for a job in management. Executives who are looking to promote from within like to see someone who knows how things work within the company, and an auditor definitely has that knowledge. Opportunities for accounting management or executive positions may open up if you take a position as an auditor, even on a temporary basis.

The last of the career accounting tips is to always let your current manager know that you are applying for other opportunities. Not only is it a good idea to give a heads up to your boss, but in doing so you may give yourself a leg up in getting the promotion. Whoever is in charge of hiring for the new position may ask your current boss for a recommendation.

There are lots of accounting tips for new accountants looking to move up, but these three should be at the top of your list. Pursuing advanced certifications, opening yourself up to other fields, and keeping your boss informed can all go a long way toward helping you achieve your goals. Keep these career accounting tips in mind, and you may be the one giving advice and tips in the future.



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