Three Things Your Admin Resume Should Show at First Glance

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Your admin resume should convince the reader you are the right person for a particular job. Instead of sending the same resume to every potential employer, you should customize your resume for each job opening. Customizing your admin resume will help you highlight the most relevant skills for each position, making it more likely a recruiter will want to interview you. There are three important things a recruiter should see at first glance, so be sure to include them in every admin resume to help make your job search a success.

Your admin resume should tell the recruiter about you, not your past employers. Instead of using your resume to describe past jobs, use it to show recruiters why you are a good candidate. Explain how you saved your employer money, improved the efficiency of a process, or found a solution to an ongoing problem. If you have specific numbers, use them to add credibility to your claims. Statements such as "reduced department expenses by 20 percent within three years" tell the recruiter about your achievements, which is more effective than simply listing your past job duties.

Recruiters are also looking for information about the significance of your experience in your resume content. This helps determine if you have the necessary expertise to perform the essential functions of the job. It is important to keep your resume as short as possible, but you shouldn't skimp on information that shows off your versatility as an employee. Including a professional summary at the top of the resume is a good way to make sure recruiters see this information. The summary should briefly describe your qualifications, and if you have five or ten years of experience in the administrative field, this is the place to mention it.

Your admin resume should also contain keywords related to the industry or job opening. Keywords are just words and phrases that are relevant to a particular job, and some recruiters will skim resumes quickly to see if any important keywords stand out. An easy way to determine which keywords to include is to read the job advertisement carefully. If the advertisement says QuickBooks skills or experience with accounts payable are necessary, you should include these terms in your resume content. If possible, put them in your professional summary so the recruiter sees them immediately, as the right keywords will keep the recruiter's attention on your resume.

Recruiters usually spend just a few seconds glancing at each resume, so you must make yourself stand out as a candidate who deserves to move forward in the hiring process. Make sure your admin resume has the right keywords and includes information explaining the depth of your experience in the industry. Focus on your accomplishments instead of summarizing your past job descriptions. This will improve your chances of getting a rewarding job in the administrative field.



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  • Lori Banks
    Lori Banks
    I found this article to be very informative and helpful for anyone focusing & pursuing a career in the Administrative capacity.

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