Three Things for Every New Accountant to Remember

Gina Deveney
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You learned the accounting basics in school, and you're ready to take on the world as an entry level accountant. It's normal to be nervous, especially if you don't have a lot of experience in the field, but there are a few things to remember beyond the accounting basics that can help you find your comfort zone and achieve success in your career. Here are three things every entry level accountant should keep in mind.

People with no experience in accounting tend not to understand what a varied and exciting field it can be. From finding creative solutions to thorny problems to auditing the security protocols for a tech startup, many accounting experts live in a world of adventure. Part of that adventure is discovering the needs of new clients. Every client is different, and if you approach them all with a standard pitch and skill set, you're bound to overlook their needs. While most of your clients are going to need an accounting specialist with a firm grasp of the accounting basics, some will need tax help and others will need long-range planning. Some will let you work from home, while others prefer that you visit the office. Every client is different, and it's a wise accountant who tailors services to each.

The second thing to remember over the course of your career is that details matter. That's true in a lot of professions, but accounting is fundamentally a problem-solving enterprise that attacks bottlenecks and obstructions one detail at a time. Applying accounting basics and the principles you learned in school to every detail, no matter how minute, will help you build up a comprehensive solution to your clients' needs as well as give you a clearer picture of their situations, helping you anticipate future challenges.

Finally, it's important to keep in mind that college was just the beginning of your learning process. Learning accounting basics in a classroom is an indispensable first step on the road, but each new client you serve will bring you challenges that will have you learning as you go. Approach each new job with a desire to learn what it has to teach you, and never regard your education as finished, and you'll be on the road to more than just a profitable career; you'll be making yourself a wiser, better person as well.

A career in accounting can be likened to an adventure through the world of business. Surprises are around every corner, unexpected solutions will occur to you at odd hours, and you'll daily be converting chaos into order. Remembering these tips will help you progress in that adventure, move beyond accounting basics, and find fulfillment in your chosen path.



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