Three Ways to Deal With a Demanding Supervisor

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While it's a supervisor's job to make sure that his employees produce quality work in a timely manner, some are harder to get along with than others. Putting up with a demanding supervisor on a daily basis may make you want to search for a new job, but knowing how to deal with your pushy boss can make the work experience more pleasant.

Step one in dealing with a demanding supervisor is to seek help from those around you. Garner insight from co-workers who get along well with your supervisor. Determine what makes their relationship work and find out what you have in common with your supervisor that may help you form a bond with him. It's also good to seek advice from a mentor who can give you objective feedback about the difficult situation between you and your demanding supervisor. A career coach can identify areas where you can improve and may offer you advice on how to handle interactions with your boss more productively. If the situation between you and your supervisor becomes too uncomfortable, ask your Human Resources department to become involved. Rather than badmouthing your boss or trying to get him in trouble, be sure that you only attempt to improve the situation. An employee from the HR department may be able to act as a mediator between you and your demanding supervisor to help you come to an understanding.

The second step in dealing with a demanding supervisor is to get to know him. Interacting with your boss on a social level may help to alleviate some of the stresses and pressures that you both feel in a work environment. Invite your boss to lunch and spend some time getting to know him one-on-one in an attempt to improve your working relationship. It also helps to gain some insight into his work habits so you know how to read your boss better. Be sensitive to the pressures that your supervisor may be feeling from his own boss. Learn the best ways to interact with your boss, and anticipate the information that he is going to want from you.

Step three in dealing with a demanding supervisor is to stand up for yourself. While a level of professionalism is expected in any work environment, you don't have to take everything your boss throws at you. If you're a valuable employee, there should be no harm in letting your supervisor know if you feel like you're being treated unfairly. Your boss should recognize the expense and time involved in replacing you if you were to leave the company. If the situation still does not improve, ask to be transferred to another department within your company.

Almost every employee deals with an unpleasant or overly demanding supervisor at some point, but there are ways to ease the situation. The key to success is to learn how to deal with your boss in a manner that is both professional and productive. Seek help from others, get to know your boss and stand up for yourself so that you do not end up feeling burnt out in your job.

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