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Whether you work for yourself or a large accounting office, there will be times when you'll need to visit clients at their offices. To ensure visits go smoothly, you need to be on top of your game. Here are a few accounting tips for making visits to your clients' offices successful for all involved.

Call to confirm: The first on this list of accounting tips is to call to confirm the date and time of the appointment. Additionally, remind the client what the meeting is for. People often handle many responsibilities at work, and it's possible for a client to forget or be unclear about why you're visiting. Confirming the appointment also gives the customer an opportunity to reschedule if necessary, saving you a wasted trip.

Know where you're going: When you call to confirm your visit, be certain to verify the address and ensure you're going to the right place. Inquire about where to park, which entrance to go through, whether you need a visitor's badge, and any other pertinent details related to getting to the appointment on time.

Get organized: Third on this list of accounting tips is to maximize efficiency by getting organized. Mark any paperwork you need the client to sign using a highlighter or sticky notes. Put your presentation on readily accessible media such as a flash drive, and make sure any gadgets you plan to use work correctly.

Bring a gift: One way to make the meeting memorable is to bring a gift for the client. This is one of those lesser-known accounting tips that can make a big impression on customers. The gift could be as general as cookies or more personalized like a toy for the person's pet. It's a good way to show appreciation for the client's business with your accounting firm and make the customer look forward to your visits.

Get personal: Most people like it when others show interest in them personally. For instance, if a client talks about a new dog, you can discuss the joys and challenges of pet ownership. To make an even better impression, be certain to follow up on any previously shared personal information on subsequent visits. Getting to know a client personally can also help you provide better customer service. If you know the client has a new baby on the way, you can discuss any tax deductions the new bundle of joy may bring.

Follow Up: Last on this list of accounting tips is to follow up afterwards to thank the customer for meeting with you and to answer any questions. If the meeting was part of an ongoing project, discuss and make arrangements to complete the next step.

These accounting tips can also help you make a great impression when a client is meeting you at your accounting office. If you focus on offering excellent customer service, you'll likely win a customer for life.



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