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Welcome to December! The month our thoughts tend to migrate away from work and towards family, friends and fun holiday cheer. Now is the time to maybe think of others before yourself.

The holidays are often hard times for people. Not all memories are fond and not all financial situations allow for a happy holiday. Because of this I want to take a moment to offer you some suggestions as to how you can help make the world a little brighter while you're out and about.

1. Toy Drives - a simple 10 dollar toy can make any child's holiday brighter. Almost every community has a toy drive to donate to if you ask around.

2. Food Drives - remember eating Mac & Cheese 3 days a week because you were paying for school? Imagine feeding your family that for Christmas.

3. Meal Delivery - near the holidays not everyone gets visitors. Take some time with a local meal delivery program and remind someone that they matter.

4. Soup Kitchens - prep work, cooking, serving, clean up are all invaluable time savers for over run drop in meal centers.

5. Visit The Elderly - when you have no family a 20 minute visit from someone to talk to can make life much happier.

6. Care Packages - there are many organizations that accept care packages for a variety of people, such as military, underprivileged children, and 3rd world countries citizens.

7. Caroling - knock on your neighbors door and let them sing along. It might feel silly at first but the smiles will make up for any red cheeks.

8. Smile - Such a simple thing. Just smile more. Year round.



By Jodi Sonoda


Jodi has been blogging for over 3 years, and is excited to currently be blogging with Nexxt for collegejobbank.com. She is a motivational speaker, mini-biographer and the founder of The 5 Dollar Project. The most important part of her life is her beautiful 3 year old daughter.


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