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With 2013 and 2014 bringing an abundance of new accounting software tools to the market, accounting professionals have more choices than ever for keeping digital financial records. The introduction of cloud computing provides software solutions that give instant financial data regardless of location. More traditional accounting programs are better than ever with the largest companies continually updating along with advances in technology. Here is the line up of some of the top accounting software programs.

QuickBooks Pro 2014 provides businesses of all sizes with a complete accounting software package. Intuit, the creator of QuickBooks, has been publishing financial software systems since 1983, and the company has the resources to keep their products comprehensive and up to date. The 2014 incarnation of QuickBooks Pro has an intuitive interface that handles general accounting, billing, purchasing, banking, payroll and inventory tasks with ease. QuickBooks is an accounting standard that is chosen by many businesses for financial record keeping. All accountants need familiarity with this wide-ranging program.

Relative newcomer Xero offers a different kind of accounting software solution. Xero takes accounting to the cloud with its subscription-based accounting system. Advantages of Xero's accounting software include instantaneous data transfer from financial institutions and remote locations, nearly unlimited storage and fast reports. Accountants who use Xero are able to give clients quick feedback to help with business decision making. This leads to better client relationships and adds value to accounting services.

Paychex Accounting Online is another cloud accounting solution. This accounting software product combines the Kashoo accounting application with Paychex Online Payroll for a complete accounting package. The simplified interface allows for easy double-entry bookkeeping, and a streamlined mobile application for iOS devices integrates flawlessly. Other strengths of the Paychex program include plenty of customization choices and a work flow that avoids technical jargon making it easy for clients to understand. Paychex does not offer connectivity for non-iOS mobile devices, making this a poorer choice for businesses connecting with Android or Windows Phone devices.

Another top software accounting choice for small to midsized businesses is Sage 50 Complete. Sage 50 offers full customer support and regular updates as part of its standard software licence. The layout is comfortable, and the accounting options are fairly comprehensive. Creative analytic tools helps with business decision-making by showing clients what would happen in various scenarios and providing intelligent reports. Sage 50 Complete requires additional software modules for payroll depending on the number of employees, and some users find it difficult to install.

Quality software bridges the gap between accountants and clients by providing easy-to-understand financial explanations and quality financial reports. Accounting professionals need to stay current with modern accounting software trends, including cloud accounting, to stay competitive in the digital age. The right software program gives accountants an edge in forming tight business relationships.


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