Top Home Office Tech Buys for 2014

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Running a home office often means serving as your own supervisor and support team. Integrating smart business technology helps you resolve difficulties in your day-to-day operations, from handling incoming calls to backing up confidential files. Boost your business in 2014 with these cost-effective home gadgets designed to simplify communications, computer networking, and multimedia management.

  • Cloud computing services - An article suggests organizing and restructuring your business with cloud management tools. Web-based storage is at the forefront of business technology, allowing you and your clients to access data from any location and reduce demands on your computer. Virtual storage provides a reliable backup for your information and supports remote collaboration. You can also tailor a cloud infrastructure to your business with applications for billing clients, tracking project schedules, and many other administrative tasks. 
  • Virtual answering system - Productive business technology should reduce your burden. A digital answering system prevents missed calls, and many systems can be programmed with self-service menus to answer client questions while you're away. Unlike old physical answering machines, new technology—such as Google Voice and FonGenie—offers advanced features, including voicemail transcription, customer analytics, and customized greetings for different callers.
  • Laptop docking station - Create an equipment hub where you can instantly connect a laptop to multiple external devices. Docking stations are equipped with USB ports to accommodate peripherals, such as monitors, hard drives, and printers, and some models offer charging capabilities to keep your laptop battery powered up. The centralized design preserves mobility and saves time when you need to quickly disconnect your laptop for travel.
  • Touchscreen monitor - Upgrade your business technology in 2014 with a touch-operated monitor. Speedy typing skills are still valuable for clerical and administrative careers, but touchscreens require less of your focus, making it easier to interact with clients or take calls while inputting data. When you work with an assistant, an interactive screen is ideal for collaborating and training.
  • Portable document scanner - Capture images from documents, receipts, and photos on the spot and transfer them to digital storage. Hand-held scanners are small enough to carry to business meetings, and high-quality models maintain the vibrancy of your color images. Both USB and wireless scanners are available, giving you the option to store your files on memory cards and media devices.   
  • Pocket projector - Enjoy flexible business technology with a miniature projector that attaches to your smartphone or computer. Using an HDMI connection and LED lighting, the projector broadcasts sharp images for on-the-go presentations and quick demos.    

Each year brings a wealth of new technology to help you multitask and achieve big-business efficiency with small-business resources. When choosing which business technology to invest in, leave the attractive but impractical toys at the store, and consider which gadgets consistently reduce the manpower needed to meet your everyday administrative goals.



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