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The financial industry hasn't always been the fastest to embrace new technologies, but banks and investment firms are finally starting to adopt new technological trends. These technological innovations can bring great benefits to both customers and employees in the financial industry.

Part of the pressure on the financial industry to adopt new technologies comes from tech-savvy millennials who are joining the financial labor market. This digital generation is comfortable working with technology and expects to be able to work on the go, which has led to many financial institutions embracing mobile business applications. These apps lead to greater employee satisfaction, although they do also raise the issue of data security, a problem the financial industry must address.

For similar reasons, the financial industry also is starting to embrace cloud technologies. This technology allows employees to access the data they need even when they are traveling for business reasons or working from home. In addition, cloud computing can reduce costs for the financial industry by allowing companies to store their data on cloud servers, rather than purchasing and maintaining their own servers in-house.

Millennials are also driving change in the financial industry in another way. Young adult customers of banks and investment companies increasingly expect technological solutions to their problems. Not only do millennial customers expect to be able to bank online, but they also demand mobile banking that is both secure and easy to use. Banks need to release and maintain user-friendly mobile apps to attract and retain these tech-savvy customers. Customers need to be able to access their accounts from their smart phones and tablets, easily carry out their transactions from within the app, and trust that their data is secure.

Like many other industries, the financial industry is starting to use "big data" to influence companies' decision-making processes. Big data includes detailed information about customer demographics and behavior that can help banks and other financial companies to better understand their customer bases. Thanks to the availability of this information, these companies can therefore redesign their services to better meet the needs of those customers.

With the financial industry increasingly adopting new technologies, job seekers looking for employment in this industry need to make sure that their own tech skills and knowledge of the latest technologies are up to speed. Staying on top of emerging technologies is essential in most industries today, but it could be particularly important for financial professionals in the near and long-term future.

The financial industry is changing to embrace new technologies, such as mobile applications, cloud computing and big data. These innovations could help the financial industry to attract young, tech-savvy employees, as well as to offer more comprehensive levels of service to their customers.


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