Two Apps that Can Save You a Lot of Time

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Mobile apps are a common tool in today's modern business world. Administrative assistants and clerical workers use them to verify information, share data with other departments, and even schedule and book travel. With the wide selection of mobile app options available, finding the ones that can save you time and effort can prove invaluable. Two apps shine when it comes to convenience, flexibility, and the ability to help you save time and remain as organized and efficient as possible.

Experienced administrative assistants may have already come across the mobile app known as Evernote. This powerful tool lets you quickly and easily create lists for your employers, your work day, and your personal time. The mobile app has a bevy of additional features that make it a great choice for office workers looking to save time. Evernote makes it easier than ever to assemble information for research or create schedules for meeting rooms and conference areas. This allows you to quickly and easily juggle appointments and ensure that the facilities you help oversee are used in the best possible manner. You can even share your information with other users, sending memos from executives to team leaders and providing backup copies of documents and photos for business leaders working on presentations.

The second mobile app that can help keep your schedule as precise and organized as possible is TripCase. This program is one of the best travel apps available for executives and administrative assistants who travel regularly. Even if you don't accompany your organization's leaders on their travels, you can make updates to their itineraries and plans in real time when conditions change. This can save time for both you and your employers, cutting down on the frustration that schedule changes, weather updates, and other events beyond your control can cause during trips.

These two mobile apps can help make your day a bit less hectic by saving you time and allowing for quick organization. Evernote eliminates time-consuming trips between offices, allowing you to gather and share information from a single point, and using TripCase ensures that weather and similar unexpected changes don't derail the plans of your employers when they travel. TripCase also provides friendly reminders about planned events, making it even more valuable when you are part of the traveling group by making it easier for you to keep everyone on schedule.

Many modern administrative assistants rely heavily on mobile apps to save time and help with scheduling or information sharing. Evernote and TripCase provide vastly different functions, but these two applications can help ensure that things in your office or on the road go as smoothly as possible.


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