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You do not even have to be in or familiar with the logistics field to be familiar with big transportation companies like Mayflower Transit or United Van Lines. At one time or another we all have seem their huge trucks on the highway, being a couple of the specialized transportation companies out there for more than 50 years now. Well, their parent company has just finalized and launched their plans for a new global logistics company.

Unigroup Inc. is the parent company of Mayflower and United Van Lines, and have just launched UniGroup Worldwide Logistics, which will be managed by company president Richard McClure.

Last time we looked more at questions that were related to management and how you would handle certain issues surround management and their decisions. Let us this time look more at questions directly related to you, the worker. With more that 1,300 service centers spread out in 146 countries, UniGroup Worldwide Logistics will specialize in "tailored supply chain solutions with a variety of global services, including truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), flatbed and specialty transportation; freight forwarding; distribution services; project management, IT relocations and third-party logistics."

UniGroup Worldwide Logistics is able to provide customized global solutions to its customers at a competitive price, because they are combining all the assets of the van lines along with their relationships with third-party transportation providers.

Company president McClure says "UniGroup Worldwide Logistics is positioned as a total transportation and logistics provider for all of our current corporate clients and to provide tailored solutions to those that have not utilized our services before." The launching of this new group "is an important part of our plan to continue to diversify our company, which is traditionally known for moving household goods. While we have been providing special product solutions for a number of years, with the current state of the economy and U.S. mobility near all-time lows, we are launching new ways to utilize our skills, assets and third-party relationships during these challenging economic times. Logistics and specialized transportation services are a critical component of our company’s future," says McClure.

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