What Are the 10 Worst Things to Say During an Interview?

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A job interview is your audition; it's your time to shine. Besides researching the company culture and knowing the ins and outs of your resume, realize there are some things you simply don't say during your face time. Here are the 10 worst things to say during a job interview.

1. "Hire Me and I'll Do a Great Job."

Your background, hard skills and experience should already relay that you can do a good job. Candidates who say this during a job interview are not really memorable to interviewers. You want to make a great first impression on your future boss, and saying this makes you look the same as everyone else because every candidate says he does a great job.

2. "I Really Want This Job."

Everyone who applied for the position really wants this job. A job interview is not a chance to grovel but instead is your time to display your top soft skills.

3. "I Don't Know a Lot About This Topic."

You are a fast learner, but you should demonstrate some basic knowledge about a topic. If you don't know something in more detail, at least put forth some effort to show you have a positive attitude and you tried to answer the question.

4. "I Don't Mind Working Nights or Weekends."

This opens you up for long hours at the same pay rate if you're on salary. Temper this statement by saying you'd be more than happy to work extra hours if given the right amount of comp time.

5. "I've Always Had Great Performance Reviews."

This statement means very little because your potential future employer probably already checked your references and previous jobs. You don't need to talk about performance reviews at a job interview because you have to get the job first.

6. "How Many Other Candidates Have Reached the Interview Stage?"

Rather than focus on others, display your best soft skills, have a great attitude and speak your mind. Do all of these things with conscientiousness and honesty to make an impression.

7. "I Really Need a Job."

This doesn't make you stand out because everyone needs a job. This is the reason you applied for work in the first place.

8. "Do You Think I'm Qualified?"

The background check of your hard skills and resume means you are more than qualified for the position by the time you reach the job interview. Don't worry about this aspect, and don't act surprised that you are in an interview. You earned your way here, so own it and display confidence.

9. "I Hope I Meet Your Standards."

Demonstrating communication skills is the final step to meeting standards. You already have the approval of several people by the simple fact the company spent time and effort to bring you to the interview.

10. "I Earned X Amount at My Old Job, But I Can Take a Pay Cut."

What you earned previously is no one's business. You don't need to discuss salary until after the interview anyway. That's the negotiation phase of the process after you wow your future boss.

Avoid these 10 worst things to say during a job interview. It could help you stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive job market.

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