What are the Qualities That Make Great Sales Leaders?

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Sales leaders face several challenges in the workplace, including managing a team, deciding who fits into what roles, hiring the best people and becoming the best salespeople themselves. Statistics show these leaders create better win rates, motivation within their employees and worker retention.

1. Confidence

The best sales leaders remain confident, even in trying times. Confident people often prove more capable of knowing how to maneuver through situations, as they have the experience, intelligence and humility to listen to what's going on around them to make the right choices.

2. Inspiration

Most leaders know how to inspire others. This is one of the best qualities you need to get everyone within the sales team on board for your plan and vision to advance the team to new heights. Think of yourself as a coach. You train, develop talent, give team members feedback, and know how to hone each member's skills and talents to achieve the goals you set forth.

3. Open-Mindedness

You probably have a plan to motivate and inspire your team. However, you also have to be open-minded to new ideas that might improve your company. If your employees don't improve, your sales languish.

4. Honesty

Always show honesty about your goals. Sales leaders should communicate their intentions clearly. There's no place for politics, games or playing favorites on a sales team; everyone must know where you stand.

5. Focus

Successful sales leaders must know how to focus on the task at hand. You need to be sharp for your team to be successful. Invest time and energy into your efforts to produce results.

6. Passion

Passion, like inspiration, can lead the team to new levels of success. When you show a passion for sales, it generally rubs off on the rest of the team. Passion also makes an impression on clients.

7. Perseverance

Combine passion and focus with perseverance to achieve long-term goals. If you don't stick it out for the long haul, you may never realize your full potential.

8. Accountability

It may be hard to show yourself as accountable when things go badly, but the buck stops with you. When you or your team fails to meet a goal, take responsibility. Great sales leaders own up to any mistakes, snafus or failures.

9. Balance

No one can operate at full capacity all of the time. Learn to temper high energy with resolve and quiet. Let your team have fun and play every once in a while.

10. Gentleness

Great leaders know how to be compassionate and understanding, especially during rough patches. Learn to go easy on others. This comes in handy during tough times when you need a gentle hand to calm everyone.

11. Restlessness

One fine quality of a leader is restlessness. Never settle until you're satisfied with the results of your hard work and your team. Always look to improve to get better results.

These are some of the best qualities that sales leaders should bring to their teams and their companies. It all comes down to leading by example — if you display these traits, your team is more likely to follow you into battle every day.

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