When Productivity Becomes a Burden

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From a boss who gets in your face over deadlines to those that micromanage every minute, most employees agree that forced productivity is a working nightmare. Using some simple strategies can make all the difference between relieving the burden at work or collapsing under the pressure.

Communicate for Better Understanding

To deal with an overly demanding manager who becomes a burden at work, it is important to communicate well. Remember that managers have supervisors in higher positions who often place the pressures of strict deadlines and higher productivity upon them, so avoid taking it personally.

Talking to your boss can be extremely helpful in alleviating your stress, so don’t hesitate to speak up. Managers who force high productivity rates can forget your limits as an employee, so tell them if the growing workload becomes too difficult to tackle. If you receive a workload far beyond your normal capacity, it is better to say you cannot complete it all than it is to exhaust yourself and fail.

Prioritize Assignments

Although a demanding manager can cause you to be stressed out over productivity, you can rise to the challenge through careful planning. If you are asked to do multiple types of assignments, you can prioritize tasks to avoid excess stress. Find out which tasks are most important, and complete them first to increase your daily productivity. Creating a schedule around work priorities helps you stay on track throughout the day.

Stay on Top of Your Work Performance

Placing your best foot forward every day in your work performance is essential to avoid the heat of your supervisor. Be punctual when attending work every day and submitting assignments, so your manager has less to complain about. Once you learn what tasks are most important to your boss, you can focus on raising your productivity in those areas. By staying on top of your work, it is easier to avoid confrontations over the quality of your performance. Remain persistent to exceed expectations and stay ahead of the working curve. Your boss will appreciate your efforts to finish your work well and meet appointed deadlines.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Many office workers neglect to use the full scope of technology that is available to them. When you have a nagging boss on your heels, software that makes you a more productive worker is your friend. Use smartphone applications to make efficient schedules, set work alarms and stay organized to ease the burden at work. By using all of the technological tools in your arsenal, you can easily increase your productivity.

Take a Break When Necessary

When matters become hectic, it is important to take a breather when you are loaded with a burden at work. Taking a quick time out to recharge your batteries replenishes you, and it can make you more productive when you resume your work. Make sure that you get plenty of rest the night before when you know it is crunch time in the office.

Granting a manager less ammo to fire against your work productivity is key if you want to dodge the wrath. Although you may not be able to lower the productivity demands that create a burden at work, you can use common sense techniques to deal with it better.

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