When Self-Doubt Creeps in, Try These Strategies

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It is common when managing employees to want to maintain a level of authority. As a leader, though, it is not unusual to experience self-doubt. You may question whether or not you are leading employees in the right direction or if you have what it takes to prompt change and motivate the staff. Overcome self-doubt with these strategies designed to empower you as a leader.

Evaluate Your Leadership Style

Overcome self-doubt by learning more about yourself. Brainstorm leaders and managers who have helped shape your style of managing employees in previous positions. When you start to doubt your abilities, think about your short-term and long-term goals. What do you want to accomplish? How do you foresee the final result? Envision ways you can serve as an example when managing employees, and craft clear and concise actions that help you to streamline your behavior and management style on the job.

Solicit input from your staff when developing your leadership style. For example, share your point of view about how the company or department should operate. Help employees to better understand your style of managing to set clear expectations for yourself and for the staff. Providing an overview of leadership expectations helps to keep you confident and successful.

Take an Honest Approach

One common misconception in the workplace is that managers have all of the answers. The reality is that there are times when you need to further research a solution for a staff member. Honestly communicate that you are unaware of how to resolve the problem, and begin working toward finding a solution. Avoid doubting yourself or your abilities just because you need to conduct research or inquire with a senior member of management. Opt for a transparent approach when managing employees to not only boost your own confidence but also show your human side.

Know Your Value

While confidence can help you to avoid self-doubt, it can also pose a challenge when you are not guided by your values. In some cases, individuals managing employees face fear or even paralysis if they continue to doubt their abilities. Examine your personal and professional values to help guide important decisions. Stay in tune with your emotions and gut feelings when problem solving, and evaluate your code of ethics to align your actions with what you feel is right and fair. Clarify your beliefs on how to manage others so you feel prepared when placed in situations with intense pressure.

When managing employees, you are faced with challenging decisions. However, if self-doubt monopolizes or influences your actions, you may not get the results you are striving for personally and professionally. Take a moment to evaluate your values and your approach to improve your success.

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