Why Does It Matter If You Take Vacation or Not?

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It's important to have a healthy work-life balance, which is why vacation time is commonly offered by most employers. However, a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that nearly half the entire workforce of American employees do not take vacations or even time off. The survey found that approximately 73 percent of civilian workers are awarded paid time off. See why many employees choose to continue working without a break.

More Responsibilities and More Jobs

More and more employees have chosen to juggle multiple responsibilities and positions versus working for just one firm. When you have multiple part-time jobs in addition to a full-time job, it's challenging to schedule vacation time or even find some time for yourself without the demands of at least one job pulling you back into the workforce.

Less Funds for Time Off

It's difficult to think about taking time off if you don't have the funds to travel. In fact, more full-time employees find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, which leaves little room for luxuries, getaways or one-day trips. As a result, some employees choose not to take vacation time when they have nothing else to do, which diminishes their work-life balance.

Fear Of Job Loss or Control

Although it may sound sad that an employee fears for his or job when taking vacation time, the reality is that it does happen. In cut-throat work environments, internal competition can be fierce, especially if you work in a sales-oriented environment where every lead could make or break your career. On the other hand, others may fear that they could lose control or fall behind when leaving work for a week or two. The hassle of catching up upon your return may not be worth the time off.

Life Obligations

When you work for a company that is not flexible when it comes to taking time off to attend medical appointments or care for sick children, you may not even get the chance to take vacation time at your leisure. A half-day off to take a child to the doctor or a full-day to attend a funeral adds up and slowly sinks away your leave time.

The Overall Impacts

The reality is that employees need vacations to recharge and relax. Burnout can sneak up on you and lead to physical and mental health problems that ultimately affect your productivity. Taking care of yourself personally significantly impacts your performance on the job, which is why companies offer time off options.

While nearly half of the workforce surveyed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has chosen not to utilize vacation time, the fact is that companies offer this benefit to improve your overall well-being. Think about how to better care for yourself personally and professionally when scheduling those vacation days.

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