Why You May Be Serving The Wrong Clients

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The demands of an accounting business include serving client needs big and small. Client relationships depend on a healthy rapport and trust when processing financial documents. Avoid letting clients suck the life out of your business and your energy. Evaluate the client base you desire to run your business more effectively.

It's not just about the money when it comes to serving your clients' needs. Catering time and effort toward the clients who pay the most may steer your business and productivity in the wrong direction. Eliminate the clients who are cumbersome, demanding and unrealistic, as well as those who divert your employees from completing their daily tasks. Money has to come from the right clients, those who need help growing their proceeds and value the time you have invested in helping them manage financial accounts. Clients who have multiple parts of a business that need management add value to your accounting firm and offer the opportunity for both your firm and their companies to build a successful relationship.

Determine the number of clients you wish to acquire, and be realistic about the quantity of work that your firm can handle successfully. Categorize clients into A, B and C, lists and focus on handling serving client needs for just a handful, beginning with the A category. Make it clear to your top clients that your firm is committed and qualified to manage their businesses. Measure the success of managing the narrowed group, and as time and resources allow, filter efforts into the B and C categories. Take a top-down approach to maximize the use of your employees and adequately serve your clients' needs.

Manage your business from the top down by building a trusting rapport with all of your clients. Employees who establish personable client relationships can easily and effectively serve client needs and increase the opportunity for positive interactions. Show those top clients that your firm is credible too by communicating with straightforward language and transparency when you are discussing financial outlooks and projections.

Target the needs of your clients with smart communication tactics. Employees should replicate the energy level and manner of speaking of your clients and engage in one-on-one and face-to-face communication. Cater to the needs of clients who prefer technology for communication by adopting electronic methods to disseminate information. The first client interaction should be used as a means to collect information that makes your business interactions smooth and comfortable.

Employees who are in tune with how to service client needs and identify clients with potential for a lasting business relationship can enhance the flow of an accounting firm. Put the right clients in the driver's seat, and navigate them to a financially secure and productive partnership.


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