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Are you having a problem keeping employees?  Is your turnover like a revolving door?  Does it seem as if you no sooner get an employee trained and they leave?  Or your senior manager just up and quit?  There are reasons for employees leaving and it’s not always about mone.  In fact, it’s usually for totally different reasons.


The job wasn’t what they expected:  Sometimes what initially attracted the employee to the job isn’t what is going to keep them.  The hours may be longer or shorter than they had anticipated.  The type of work may be physically more difficult then what they are able to handle.  They could have a personality conflict with another employee.


There isn’t any coaching or feedback:  If your employee feels as if they were thrown into the deep end and left there, they won’t stay.  Having a mentor that will help a less experienced person become familiar with what is expected is a big help with a strong goal orientated feedback system. It will develop relationships and a solid foundation for employee growth and career development.


Employees feel ignored and unrecognized:  If an employee has a sense of worth about their job, they will feel valued.  If they believe the job makes use of their skills and their input is actually listened to, they will work harder.  If the employee is rewarded for excellent performance, be it cash or recognition, their performance will reach even higher.  Sometimes even a “thank you” will do wonders.  If your employee’s knowledge exceeds the position they are in presently, consider a promotion to another position to acknowledge their drive and ambition.


No time for your employees:  You need to make time for your employees.  Schedule a meeting at least once a month with your employees to make sure you are in tune with their workloads and if they need direction.  By keeping the lines of communication open, you can solve problems before they become unmanageable.


No room for growth:  If your employee feels that they are as far as they can go, they may look elsewhere for another job.  Make sure your employees have a direction that they can work towards. By using their skills and abilities, it will contribute to their job satisfaction.  You can also offer training to help expand their knowledge.


They need to relocate:  This can’t be helped.  Sometimes the employee has to follow where their spouse or family is relocating for a new job.  If yours is the type of business that permits telecommuting, you can offer that option to them.  That way you keep your valued employee and show your other employees that there are other options.


It could be health issues:  Sometime an employee or a member of their family will have health issues that requires them to quit.  You can keep your employees healthy by developing health incentive programs that works for your company.  Also make sure your employees are following all safety procedures to keep them from injury.  If your employee is leaving for health reasons that are personal, let them know you have appreciated their hard work. 


By keeping in touch with your employees and being aware of what challenges they are facing each day, you may be able to keep your employee happy and content and keep your employees!


What things do you do to keep your employees from quitting?




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