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Implementing a Hospitality Training Program is an important part of a service-oriented business. If you're the manager or supervisor of a restaurant, hotel, casino, nightclub or health spa, training your employees to manage conflict and serve clients attentively and promptly is crucial to your success and the success of your organization. Your training program should emphasize three key areas to bring all employees up to a certain level of competence.

Service Skills. Here, you must ensure that your staff understands the meaning of service. Your team must be able to observe and anticipate guests' needs, to listen attentively, and graciously accommodate their specific requests.

Resolving Conflicts. Often, customer service involves skillful and tactful conflict resolution. Employees must be taught how to control their voice and temper. How to avoid histrionics and name-calling and to quickly segue from the problem to the solution. Your team must learn how to give guests their full attention and how to follow up after a problem has seemingly been resolved.

Retaining Clients. Repeat business and word of mouth referrals are crucial to the success of your hospitality organization. Here, you need to emphasize ways to win over guests. That means, going the extra mile for each and every guest to make them feel pampered and important. Every guest request should be accompanied by a smile and an offer of "…is there anything else we can do?"

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