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If you're a student in college considering a career in logistics, or even if you're considering a career in something else, you might want to consider spending your nights sorting packages at a UPS facility near you.

Why would you want to spend your time this way? Because UPS will make it more than worth your while to do so.

The world's largest package delivery company also specializes in something else they don't advertise on TV but that people looking to get ahead know: A job at UPS - even a part-time one - comes with benefits that both provide security and can launch you firmly on your chosen career path.

If that path involves the movement of goods, there's no better place to start than UPS, for it's quite likely that you will spend your career at the company. Between their generous tuition assistance program and their policy of promoting from within, UPS makes it possible for someone starting out as a night-shift package handler to learn the business and the subject matter at the same time. The company's "Earn and Learn" program offers part-time employees up to $3000 per year ($15,000 lifetime maximum) to cover education and training costs - and that's on top of the company's own internal training programs.

Best of all, there's no waiting - UPS' education benefits take effect the day you're hired.

And while UPS offers these benefits as a way of cultivating loyal and dedicated employees --many UPS managers and executives started out as part-time employees themselves, a sign that the company is committed to developing its native talent -- they also are available to students whose career goals might lie elsewhere. I've known several friends who have used part-time UPS jobs as springboards into the careers of their choice by taking courses in their chosen fields using the company's tuition benefits.

Permanent part-time employees also receive fully paid healthcare and other full-time-quality benefits, not to mention good wages.

The huge leg up UPS offers its entry-level employees may be one reason why the company lands on so many Best Employer lists and is considered an excellent choice for welfare recipients seeking to transition to work. It's a great place for you to consider as well, especially if your goal is a career in logistics or supply chain management.

By: Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith is an award-winning writer and editor who has spent most of his career in public relations and corporate communications. His work has appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia CityPaper, PGN, and a number of Web sites. Philly-area residents may also recognize him as "MarketStEl" of discussion-board fame. He has been a part of the great reserve army of freelance writers since January 2009 and is actively seeking opportunities wherever they may lie.

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