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More than likely, your boss has at least one favorite worker at the office. Good bosses generally don't declare the names of their favorite workers in a public forum, but most employees can tell which workers their bosses hold in very high regard. These workers generally display certain qualities that make them a huge asset to the employer. If you want to become an employee your boss favors, adopt the following three traits.

1. Dedication to the Company's Mission

To stand out at your organization and become one of your boss' favorite workers, make it clear to your boss that your role is not just about earning a paycheck or climbing the corporate ladder. Every aspect of your work life and most aspects of your personal life should demonstrate your dedication to the company's mission. For example, if you work for a health and wellness company whose mission is to "inspire communities throughout the world to eat healthier and liver healthier lifestyles," your personal lifestyle should align with that mission. First, you should live a healthy lifestyle. Second, you should go above and beyond to assist your clients with meeting their health and fitness goals. Finally, to show your boss you're truly dedicated to the company and its mission, run a health-related blog or YouTube channel that encourages followers to live healthier and simultaneously promotes the company.

2. High Productivity

A boss' favorite worker is usually extremely productive throughout the workday. Managers can always rely on these employees to not only get the job done but also go beyond the call of duty. Highly productive employees tend to plan their days in advance, and they often stick to a strict schedule to avoid wasting time. They commit to getting as much done as possible within a specific timeframe, and if they need extra time to complete a task, they don't mind shortening their lunch hours, eating at their desks or taking work home. Bosses notice when workers spend ample time checking their emails, smartphones and social media accounts during work hours, and they typically don't like it. An employee who only checks his phone periodically and never engages in time-wasting activities while on the clock always makes a great impression.

3. Great Communication Skills

There are a few reasons why having great communication skills can make you one of your boss' favorite workers. Great communicators typically get along well with their superiors and co-workers. They know how to resolve office issues in a calm, professional manner, and they're good at deescalating issues and helping upset co-workers regain focus. Great communicators are not afraid to ask questions or offer assistance. They're also great at observing a person's nonverbal communication, so they likely won't approach a boss or colleague with a general question if he appears to be focused on a very serious matter.

Becoming one of your boss' favorite employees isn't as difficult as you might think. If you have a pleasant attitude toward your boss and all of your co-workers, and never hesitate to go above and beyond the call of duty, you stand out among other employees. You must be someone your boss can always count on; never let your boss down, and you'll easily become one of his favorite workers.

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