Best Colleges to Get an Accounting Degree

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If you are naturally adept at math, earning an accounting degree may be a good option for you. Accounting programs at most colleges typically consist of core classes in finance, economics, business and management, in addition to specialty accounting courses. USA Today ranks America's Top Colleges for an Accounting degree, and the following accounting programs make the list due to their strong course offerings, distinguished faculty and specialized curriculum.

Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, holds a long-standing reputation for its robust general curriculum and accomplished graduates. The accounting department has the same high standard with a thorough and varied course offering. Accounting students begin with core classes in economics, taxation, auditing and finance at the Carroll School of Management and then move on to select a specialty: accounting, corporate reporting or accounting information systems. Selecting one of these specialty programs prepares students for accounting roles within a variety of industries while earning them an average salary of $109,000.

The University of Southern California in Los Angeles also holds a prestigious reputation; the Leventhal School of Accounting undergraduate accounting program is considered one of the most exclusive in America. In addition to the usual classes in economics, management and finance to lay the foundation for accounting studies, students also study the role that accounting plays in every aspect of business. USC accounting graduates, on average, earn $55,000 upon graduation and go on to quickly command upwards of $110,000 during the midpoint of their careers. What's more, the state of California features four of the top 10 U.S. cities for accountants: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Newport Beach and San Mateo. USC accounting students who choose to stay in California upon graduation have their pick of a plethora of small- and medium-size firms to choose from, in addition to great weather and a high quality of life.

Villanova University, located in Villanova, Pennsylvania, offers students a specialized accounting program that prepares them for careers in government organizations and large firms and corporations. The well-rounded curriculum includes courses in real estate accounting, fraud, auditing and taxation, in addition to ample exposure to current business practices so that students can put their knowledge to practical use. Graduates of Villanova's accounting program earn an average starting salary of $55,000 and go on to command over $100,000 in the course of their careers.

There is no better time than now to begin an accounting program at the college of your choice. Accounting graduates are in high demand, with consistently lower rates of unemployment than the national average. Accountants who specialize in specific disciplines such as fraud or taxation are in even higher demand in some areas. Do some thorough research on accounting programs you are interested in to be sure the curriculum is well-rounded and fits your needs.


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