Best Tech Companies to Work for in 2013-2014

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If you’re going to slave away at a 9-to-5 job for the next 30 odd years, you may as well pick a great place to work. Granted in this economy, any job may seem great if you’re trying to pay back your huge college loan, get some decent wheels and move out of your parent’s house. That said, you should at least know what to aim for and what you’re missing. A recent article in PC Magazine by Meredith Popolo listed the ten best tech companies to work for. Here are the top three:


Those who work at Facebook say their co-workers are "vibrant and brilliant," "supportive," and "some of the smartest people in the world." Employees also admire the company's presence which catapults a feature onto the screens of billions in just one week. And then there are the perks--like free meals, laundry services, and haircuts.

Riverbed Technology

Employees at the WAN optimization solutions provider say management is both responsive to their needs and fosters a collaborative corporate culture. Glassdoor surveys indicate that nearly all who work at Riverbed, including CEO Jerry Kennelly, work in a cubicle like an ordinary grunt. Customers and employees love Riverbed’s products. And the perks are cool—a break room packed with free food and drinks, plus a huge holiday party.


No great workplace list would be complete without Google. The company lets you devote 20 percent of your time on side projects. While Google demands a lot, it also gives a lot, including an average salary for software engineers of $113,016. Perks include an onsite car wash, dry cleaning service, bike repair, hairdresser, and all-you-can-eat cafes--including ethnic and organic dishes. There’s also an onsite gym, a rock-climbing wall, and stress-reducing massages. If you should fall off your bike or rock climb and pass on to the great Google in the sky, your surviving spouse or domestic partner gets half your annual salary for the next decade.

Best Cloud Computing Companies

A recent IDC Cloud Computing Survey noted that cloud computing will create 13.8 million jobs worldwide by 2015. So if you can’t get into the top three mentioned above, there are some cloud computing firms you might want to consider working for. According to a survey of employees, the best cloud computing companies to work for include AppDynamicsBox, Dropbox and Ultimate Software.

Best Tech Companies for Multicultural Women

Multicultural women looking for a tech company that both supports and challenges them will find a number of tech firms to their liking. Working Mother's Best Companies for Multicultural Women promotes the interests of women of color by recognizing companies that bring minority women into professional and leadership positions. Their list of tech companies who espouse these values include CA Technologies , Cisco, IBM, Google, and Verizon.  

Looking for a great tech company to work for? Go for the gold and apply to the firms mentioned above.

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