Bringing out the Best in Others Brings out the Best in You

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When working in an office environment, it's important to have cohesive relationships with your co-workers. However, when tensions are high, employee morale suffers, ultimately affecting the firm's productivity and even profits. Find ways to improve your performance with simple gestures that bring out the best of the staff, which can also bring out the best in you.

Show Your Vulnerability

One surefire way to intimidate others and deplete cohesiveness in an office environment is to take on a persona that makes you appear to be smarter or more knowledgeable than your colleagues. When you are viewed as superior, others are less likely to approach you with questions or interact with you. Instead, show that you are vulnerable and open to learn from others. Don't be afraid to ask for help and rely on the knowledge of others to help boost morale and bring out the best in everyone employed at your firm.

Learn to Love Yourself

While it is common to want everyone in the office environment to like you, the reality is that it may not be possible to acquire adoration from each one of your co-workers. However, if you are truly fond of who you are and radiate a positive persona, people are likely to migrate toward your cheerful personality and flexible nature. Show love to yourself, but also show your fellow employees just how much you appreciate your efforts to improve employee morale. Small gestures such as saying "thank you" for an action that was unexpected or "I appreciate you" not only makes the staff feel appreciated but also valuable.

Identify Moods

It is often difficult to gauge how your co-workers are feeling each day, however, you can take note of changing moods and adjust your approach accordingly when working with your staff. For instance, if an employee is spouting off negativity in the office environment because he's frustrated about a sizable work load, know that the worker might need to feel appreciated and might require assistance from a colleague. If a staff member takes on an aggressive approach to a problem, know that the worker needs you to be calm at that moment. Maximize the amount of empathy you display to keep the office environment calm and peaceful, which can positively impact production and employee motivation. The bottom line is that your co-workers need praise at certain times, and they sometimes need comfort. If you put forth the effort to meet their needs, you can truly bring out their best sides as well as your best side.

It can be tricky to navigate an office environment that is tainted with negativity, but even small gestures, such as a smile or a kind word, can melt away insecurities that fuel this behavior. Show your co-workers that you value their contributions to achieve a level of cohesiveness that sparks imagination and creativity in the workplace.

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