Can Certification Help Admin Assistants Advance?

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Admin assistants play a vital role in keeping offices running efficiently, but they are often undervalued and underpaid. In order to advance their careers, admin assistants should consider becoming certified. Obtaining certification shows the commitment of admin assistants to their chosen career and proves that they have the necessary skills for the role.

Like all professionals, admin assistants can benefit from developing a five-year plan for their career. Rather than remaining stuck in the same job, fulfilling the same responsibilities year after year, admin assistants should aim to advance their careers. Career advancement for admin assistants could mean moving to a new organization, getting a promotion within the organization they currently work for or getting a raise in exchange for taking on more responsibilities within their current role.

Becoming a Certified Administrative Professional can help admin assistants to advance along their chosen career path. The Certified Administrative Professional exam is offered by the International Association of Administration Professionals, a professional association that offers networking and training opportunities to anyone who works in administration.

This computer-based test is carried out at testing centers all over North America. The exam tests admin assistants' knowledge, as well as their ability to apply that knowledge to their work. The International Association of Administration Professionals publishes educational materials that can help admin assistants to prepare for the CAP exam.

Once an administration professional has earned the CAP certification, he or she can go on to study for and pass further certification exams, which will open up new career opportunities. For example, an admin assistant might choose to specialize in Technology Applications, which is another professional certification offered by the International Association of Administration Professionals. This certification proves that the holder has advanced skills in using the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software.

Admin assistants should always include their professional certifications on their resumes. In addition, the resume should highlight skills that the admin assistant has demonstrated while carrying out his or her role. Admin assistants who want to progress in their careers should take every opportunity in the workplace to develop or demonstrate their skills, such as volunteering to take on leadership or training roles.

Gaining a professional certification, such as the CAP or another professional certification, puts admin assistants in a good position to ask for a raise or promotion. Admin assistants can use positive performance reviews as opportunities to ask for an increase in pay or a new role.

Gaining a professional certification should be part of the five-year plan for all admin assistants. Admin assistants who gain a professional certification, such as passing the CAP exam, can prove their skills. They are therefore in a better position when it comes to seeking work, asking for a promotion or trying to get a raise.

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