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A scientific study has shown that people who spend most of their day sitting down have a higher risk of death than those who are more active. In light of this finding, many admin professionals are finding ways to exercise without leaving the office. Try one of the following office exercise routines to keep yourself active while at work.

The first way to reduce the risks associated with sitting down is to activate the core and back muscles while working. Sitting on a balance ball, rather than a traditional office chair, is one way for admin professionals to give their core muscles a workout without neglecting their own work.

Another way to exercise while sitting down is to use a desk cycle. This is a machine that can be installed underneath a desk and allows you to cycle with various levels of resistance while you work. This device provides a handy way for admin professionals to burn off some calories while working at a desk.

Of course, both balance balls and desk cycles technically still involve sitting down. Admin professionals who want to spend more time on their feet can make use of the following techniques to work more exercise into their day. As well as offering physical benefits, office exercise can also relieve stress and aid concentration.

Activity trackers are useful devices that remind you to get up and move around. Experts recommend spending at least two minutes moving around for every 20 minutes spent sitting down. Admin professionals can set a timer on their desktop to remind them every 20 minutes to get up and run an errand or go for a stroll around the office. Alternatively, some models of fitness tracking bands can issue a reminder when it is time to get up and move around, with the added bonus that they also track how far you walk and how many calories you burn.

Admin professionals who don't want to sit at all while they work could invest in a standing desk. Treadmill desks are an even more active option, as they require workers to keep walking while they deal with their daily responsibilities. Some desks can even be converted to cater to either sitting or standing, so you can work in whichever position you wish. When you do sit down, it's important to keep proper posture, with a straight back and knees in line with your hips.

With studies showing that sitting for 11 or more hours per day can be dangerous to health, admin professionals need to take steps to make their jobs more physically active. A habit as simple as standing up and stretching every 20 minutes could reduce the risks associated with sitting.


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