Four Skills of the Successful Receptionist

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A receptionist is the central point of any business, and it takes a good receptionist to keep the daily operations of a company running smoothly. This is the first person with whom clients interact, creating a good impression that a company cannot jeopardize. A receptionist's qualities and skills reflect the quality and professionalism of the company.

There are many skills and qualities that a receptionist should have in order to do the job correctly and with professionalism. Many times, a receptionist's ability to deal with the daily tasks appropriately can affect the entire company.

One of the most important skills of a good receptionist is the ability to multitask. A receptionist's role involves doing a variety of tasks that include answering the telephone, redirecting emails, answering email inquiries, welcoming clients, sending faxes and making photocopies. In order to complete all of these tasks, a good receptionist must prioritize and multitask so she does not ignore any clients, especially the ones who are physically in the office. Clients who take the time to come to the company's office in person should be given priority, and a good receptionist never leaves a client hanging.

Technological skills are also important. A good receptionist has solid computer skills, including word processing, working with spreadsheets, desktop publishing and any other software used by the company. The receptionist must also be kept up to date on any changes to the company's products or software. This can prevent confusion and make the receptionist's job easier.

A good receptionist should have excellent communication skills. As majority of the receptionist's work day is spent by communicating with clients and fellow employees, the receptionist's abilities in listening effectively and expressing words clearly are crucial. This ensures that the receptionist understands what she must do in order to complete a task and to satisfy all of the parties involved.

A good receptionist should be dependable and responsible. The role of a receptionist is the central point of the company through whom everything and everyone passes going in and going out. It is essential that the receptionist is present at the desk during the working hours, always answers the phone calls and emails, and always gives the correct information to both clients and coworkers. With these types of skills, a receptionist gives a good impression and demonstrates competence and professionalism on behalf of her employer.

All companies strive to function as smoothly as possible. Many times, this depends on a competent receptionist who is capable of supporting the connection between the company and the outside world. A wrong impression can break a deal with many clients. A good receptionist demonstrates a positive image of the company and its appreciation for its clients.

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