Google Gets New CEO And New Hiring Plans

Julie Shenkman
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Google announced that cofounder Larry Page will be named CEO in April and with that will come changes. Many believe that Page will focus on raising Google’s social offerings to better compete with Facebook. Google is planning on hiring more talent to tackle that feat and looking to retain their top talent. During the company's recent Q4 2010 earnings call, CFO Patrick Pichette confirmed that Google had raised base salaries for its employees by 10%. It would come as no surprise that they are losing their talent to major competitors, so they are working to retain and encourage their entrepreneurial staff. On Tuesday, Google SVP of engineering and research Alan Eustace stated that 2011 will be the biggest hiring year in the company's history. Google has been growing fast. It added 4,500 jobs last year, mainly in engineering/IT and sales. The company's biggest hiring year to date, 2007, saw over 6,000 new hires. We should expect Google to hire at least that many people this year. Some of the open positions include: engineers, product managers, salespeople, customer service representatives, and attorneys, among others. This push in hiring is great news for the many communities where you can find Google.

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  • Butterfly
    Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for taking the time.
  • Henry Armitage
    Henry Armitage
    Wasn't Larry Page the CEO before this? I thought I'd heard something along those lines.
  • Henry Armitage
    Henry Armitage
    I've heard several things about Larry Page, not all of them good. I've heard that he's socially awkward and has a tendency to withdraw into himself. Have you heard anything like that?
  • Eric Morgenstern
    Eric Morgenstern
    1. Google needs to focus on customer service like establishing learning centers like Apple has, and call centers to assist the less technical savvy.  2. Social media is great, but need to be tied to more basic computer offerings such as off net collaboration tools like office suite to marry to Google apps.  3. Google has been a godsend to the internet as a whole. My hope is that won't be destroyed in chasing a buck.

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