Guess the Geek Part 2

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Could you guess each geek’s job, just by looking at what they were wearing? While everyone’s an individual certain styles work better for specific specialties. The following 5 examples represent work wardrobe you could typically find for a particular field on any given weekday but not necessarily casual days.

Programming: If you're involved in inspecting code all day you can expect to be at a desk for a good portion of it. Breathable pants are comfy when you're sharing your leg space with your computer tower. A plaid shirt is a plus too because not only are the crisscross styles back on fashion's hot list but the patterns hide the wrinkles that arise from sitting and shifting while figuring out flow charts.
Networking: Building networks, running cables and being the muscle of the IT infrastructure networkers need something wearable and washable. Easily that translates into jeans and a polo shirt. Athletic shoes are usually preferred by this profession as well since it keeps them grounded, literally.
Design: If a designer doesn't experiment with hair color they do it with style. Keeping the work wear wardrobe in the dress code box can be tough for the artistic type. They pick clothes with strong colors and patterns. A tell tale sign distinguishing a designer can usually only glimpsed at opportune moments when they reveal their outrageous socks.
Analysis: Workers that analyze copious amounts of data are typically confined to traditional dress slacks and tie with a coat nearby for work since their calendars consistently contain meetings and presentations.
Animation: An animator might as well wear their pajamas to work since odds are they will be sleeping in the lab while rendering projects for deadlines. They will take any chance they get to make a cartoon reference the more obscure the better, with their wardrobe. From t-shirts to neck ties it's can be blatant and bold like an anvil falling from the sky or a subtle reference to Tex Avery that is as easy to spot as an Easter egg in a DVD menu.

How did you do? Post a message in the comment box if you guessed something different.

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By Heather Fairchild - Heather is a multimedia developer, business owner, and work-from-home mom.


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