How To Deliver A Package - An Illustrated (and Hilarious) Guide

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The holiday season is here, and it is one of the busiest times of the year for those dedicated employees in the Logistics field. Businesses have larger than usual orders that have to be there right away, companies that took advantage of the cyber Monday crowd have tons of order that need to be sent out as soon as possible and people are sending packages to family and friends all over the globe.

To provide a little comic relief, I thought that I would share this cartoon I ran across. I found it on a hosting site that collects things from all over the internet, so I am not sure who deserves the credit, but I am hoping that they will forgive me for not giving them credit. The comic is from a how-to guide for delivery drivers.

I know that it isn't true, but it still made me laugh. I get a lot of packages and I always feel sorry for the delivery drivers. I live in a third floor apartment with stairs that are so steep that you can't help but get winded just walking up them. But, bless their hearts, they never complain. They just ask me to sign in between pants.

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