How to Get a Job as a Tax Collector

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A tax collector is someone who works with local, state, or federal governments by communicating with taxpayers who owe money. The tax collector ensures individuals and businesses pay their taxes on time by identifying the taxes owed and by collecting overdue tax payments. As a tax collector, you'll find yourself searching for money owed and working with those who are trying to pay.

To get a job as a tax collector, most agencies require that you at least have a bachelor's degree. Some employers may want you to have a postgraduate degree, especially if you want to work in a management position within the organization. It's preferred that your degree be in finance, accounting, business administration, economics, or tax auditing. Aside from education, you will need to have experience in a related field such as accounting. If you have this experience, you have the opportunity to earn an average salary of $59,825, which is in line with other tax professional salaries, according to Nexxt's salary center.

The job skills required to be a tax collector range from administrative to customer service. Basic computer skills are essential, and you'll need to know how to research taxpayer accounts on the Internet. It's essential to have quantitative expertise so that you can assess a person's ability to repay their taxes. Strong communications abilities are necessary because you have to talk to people and explain what they can do about delinquent taxes. Sometimes you may be required to make the decision on whether or not to garnish wages or take out a lien on assets, so you need to have problem-solving skills. Other requirements include a good proficiency at negotiating and a professional demeanor.

As part of your job skills as a tax collector, you will need to stay current on tax laws so you can easily explain to someone about their tax payments. Some employers mandate that you take continuing education classes in tax law. In order to work for local, state, and federal governments, you will need to submit to and pass a background check. In addition, because you will be traveling to and from a taxpayer's location, you require a valid driver's license and it helps to know the area you will be working in.

You can look for tax related jobs on Nexxt, and add your location to see opportunities near you. To successfully land a job as a tax collector, be persistent and know how to negotiate terms in order to get the person to agree to pay the taxes that are owed. The job can be extremely difficult because you will probably be dealing with people who are going through financial stress. Check with government agencies and make sure you have the correct training and experience to be a tax collector before you apply.


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