How To Set Your Goals

Julie Shenkman
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We know that goal setting is very important for setting up our direction and finally shaping our life. It is however not known to many people that the goals need to be set in the right way otherwise they will not be effective. In this article, we will talk about the importance of the goals and how we can set the goals for our future success. In addition, we will talk about the way to enhance the chance of achieving goals. Before we go to goal setting, we need to understand why we need goal. How important is goal setting to our life. The answer is that it is very important. Goal setting is so important to the direction in life that we can not be successful if we do not have goals. Leading life without the goals is similar to sailing without a compass. We will not know which direction we are heading. We will not know when and where we are going to end up with. We will not know our destiny. We will leave our life depending upon the environment and the plan other people, the one that have the goals of his own, has made. In real life, we might die only a few days after we have lost our compass while we sail in the ocean. If goal setting is so important, why do only few people have goals? We learned that majority of people in this world do not come from a family that have goals. They did not learn goal setting in any places in their world and they do not see the important of it. Besides, their parents have never told them the importance of the goal and they lead live like their parents did or are doing. They do not even believe that all successes come from goal setting. In order to be able to set effective goals, we need to do some homework to find out what we need first. Goal setting without enough motivation to achieve it is like not setting goal at all. Our brain will deny doing things to achieve the goals because we do not see the necessity in our mind. And all things start with the mind. Goal setting is like any other meaningful activity. It needs discipline and hard working to make it and review it. What we need to check so that we can be good at goal setting are the following. What we like most? What we want to do if we will not have to work for the rest of our life? What we want to do if we do not earn from what we are doing? The answers of these questions will reveal what we want in life and will enable us to have enough reasons for our goals. After we know the reason, we need to write the goals down in paper. Do not just have goals in mind. It will not last. Goal setting will not have any meaning if you just put it in the air and do not want to do anything. Writing down your goals will enhance your possibility of achieving them by five times. Do not ignore this important step. The best time to write down your goal is when you have most powerful mind power which is either before going to bed or immediately after you wake up. The number of goals that you set up will depend on what area you need to concentrate on. The best number of goals should be around twenty for short term and fifty for long term. Keeping the goals with you will help you remind the purpose of them and the steps to follow through. Regularly visualize yourself achieving the goals will be another process to follow. It will attract the situation and attributes to help us being closer to our goals according to the law of attraction. Make sure that you make enough visualization daily and if you need, you can add the accelerated music to the process.

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  • Debra
    This is very motivating. Thank you.
  • Gwendolyn Spearman
    Gwendolyn Spearman
    Goals is the main source of life - without goals you cannot achieve. Therefore keep a positive aspect and good thing shall come to path.
  • Manu  Sohal
    Manu  Sohal
    I think its absolutely right and goal setting is the main reason for success in each persons life. Thanks for the motivation.
  • John Fidler
    John Fidler
    OK, so after reading this article I wonder. EVERY goal I set as a young man has failed! Starting with my young family. Only, one is still with me and NOBODY is interested, not even siblings and this concept is for a Family Business! Am I the only member of my family with vision?
  • Patricia Nelson
    Patricia Nelson
    All of the tips that you have sent me are very helpful. I will use them. THANKS
  • Antonio Garvin
    Antonio Garvin
    This article has encouraged me to start setting a goal. Thanks
  • Angela Bryant
    Angela Bryant
    Goal setting is so important. I thank you for the information very informative. Thank you
  • Madelin Webb
    Madelin Webb
    That was a very helpfull information.Thank  you
  • Christopher Mfornyam
    Christopher Mfornyam
    Goals might change with the changing operating environment particularly now with globilization.
  • Kim Buckner
    Kim Buckner
    I think That was very helpful. It also gave me another way to look at setting up my goals.

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