Importance of Going Green in the Workplace

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Over the past few years, more and more people are beginning to understand the impact of going green by decreasing their individual carbon footprint by recycling or consuming only organic products. Environmental consciousness is even beginning to extend into the business environment and affect how people conduct themselves at work or even look for their next job.

Environmental Issues Impacting Recruitment Decisions

A recent poll conducted by Nexxt, the world’s largest network of niche career communities, reported that over 35% of more than 5,000 business professionals said that finding an environmentally-aware workplace is either a “requirement” or “deciding factor” for their next job.

The results of this poll indicate having an environmentally-friendly workplace is becoming more than just a trend. Companies that make the decision to invest time, money and resources to “go green” are not only helping the earth, but are also attracting environmentally conscious candidates and improving employee morale.

It is clear that the environment and overall quality of life is becoming a top priority for many people and companies, so it’s no surprise the trend to go green is starting to affect career choices for many job seekers. More and more companies are creating green programs and advertising their initiatives on their corporate websites and in job descriptions to attract these eco-friendly candidates to their company.

Tips on Going Green

The office is an ideal place to team-up and make a larger contribution to green issues. The key is finding a few dedicated leaders that can pull people together and focus on creating powerful initiatives which make a positive impact on the environment. Below are some helpful tips on how businesses can create an environmentally-friendly workplace and motivate employees to participate in company-sponsored “green” initiatives:

  • Get Co-Workers Excited – Create an internal “green team” to help develop and promote environmentally-friendly initiatives throughout the company.

  • Promote Recycling – Place recycle bins in high-traffic areas, such as copy or lunch rooms, to promote recycling of paper, plastics, bottles and cans.

  • Save Energy – Optimize energy settings on all company computers, and encourage employees to turn off their computers and office lights when they leave work.

  • Encourage Carpooling – Encourage employees to take alternative methods of transportation (public transportation, bike riding) or organize an internal carpool. Employers can also invest in technology that enables their employees to telecommute.

  • Track and Promote Company Progress – Track new initiatives and join an association or online community such as that generates new ideas and provides ways to measure green efforts. Promote your eco-friendly initiatives on your website, in collateral and when posting your next job.


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