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The best way to market yourself in the ever-changing field of technology is to try and stay one step ahead of the game. The integration and application of media in society is changing on a daily if not hourly basis. The people who are hired are on top of the trends and anticipate the reaction to the next inventive revolution. It’s not about specialized specs for computers or TVs or phones or music players anymore. Now there’s a need to learn a cross platform of information in order to succeed. Don’t devalue the intricate knowledge you have in your given specialty, but don’t limit yourself to that label. Branch out, learn more and do what you can to be a leader instead of a follower in this fluctuating field. The more you know the more your pay scale will grow so take some time to build your brain even if you’re unemployed at the moment. Audit – If you graduated from a school close by or one that offers online enrollment, you can often audit classes for a discounted rate. Keep up with the latest tweaks to software updates. Find out what they’re teaching your competition. Community colleges also offer an audit option even if you were not previously enrolled. Adult Learning Center – The cost of a class at the ALC is usually about the price of skipping coffee for a week. Here you can learn anything from digital photography or how to use the intricacies of Microsoft office to origami. They offer a variety of classes for networking and inspiration. Online tutorials and forums – Stay abuzz of what’s hot in the topics talk. It’s free, it’s a click away and it’s all the information you could ever need. Make sure you use your time wisely though don’t get lost in prattle that doesn’t pertain to increasing your intellectual awareness. Volunteer/Intern – It may seem silly to give something away that you’re hoping to get paid for. If you’re unable to secure a job in your field though volunteering or interning will keep your skill set at an active status. Adding to your portfolio, it’s a way to increase your real world experience. It’s an opportunity to network and make relationships that can turn into references. For more information on tech careers, visit By Heather Fairchild - Heather is a writer and blogger for Nexxt. She researches and writes about job search tactics, training, and topics.

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