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A Logistics transportation operations manager is responsible for so many of the little details when it comes to planning, organizing, controlling, directing and evaluating the operations of whichever field of transportation you are placed in charge of, be it airline, railways, municipal transit systems, bus lines, trucking companies, etc. Logistics in general is part of the key link between manufacturers and consumers, and everyone from businesses to individuals may be in contact to have a wide variety of items picked up, transported, stored or delivered.


As a Logistics manager, there are many responsibilities you would be involved with, and here is a list of a few of them that would be worth considering for inclusion on your resume. If these are not all applicable to you specifically, hopefully they will trigger other areas of thought that you can list on your resume.


  • Planning, organization, directing, controlling and evaluating the operations of a transportation company
  • Those who set operations policies and standards, including determination of safety procedures for the handling of dangerous goods, and ensure compliance with transport regulations
  • Oversee dispatch of vehicles, vessels or aircraft
  • Control the company or departmental budget, including acquisitions
  • Monitor company's or department's performance, prepare reports for senior management, and plan for changes to schedules and policies
  • Recruit personnel and oversee their training.
  • Transportation managers, freight traffic perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate companies or departments responsible for coordinating, arranging and monitoring the transportation and movement of goods
  • Arrange for shipping documentation and oversee the scheduling and dispatching of goods and the tracking and tracing of goods in transit
  • Set performance goals, oversee the setting of transportation service rates and monitor revenue
  • Develop plans and procedures for the transportation and storage of goods
  • Negotiate with carriers, warehouse operators and insurance company representatives for services and preferential rates
  • Control the departmental budget
  • Recruit personnel and oversee their training.


Because of the rising and falling of business in the fields of logistics and warehousing due to economic impacts, keeping your position safe is a major concern. For a managerial position, reports show that employers prefer a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in fields like business, marketing, economics, industrial relations, or accounting.


If you do not (yet) have the required degree, then there are entry level positions that will get you started while you work on the requirements to reach manager level. Having great problem solving skills, analytical skills, and the ability to communicate greatly are a must. Entering a company through the administration or sales departments is a good starting point, as it allows you to become very familiar with the products and services offered by the company, and assist in building those communication skills further.


However, if you already possess the skills necessary to secure a managerial position, then be sure to go through your resume and see if you can boost your skills with some of the suggestions above.



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  • Atsuko
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