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Michele Warg
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No matter if you have performance reviews at the end of the year or around an employee’s anniversary date, performance reviews are extremely important for employees. Employees want regular feedback on their work and what areas they can improve. Providing ongoing feedback can help improve employee morale in the workplace and help prevent larger issues in the future surrounding employee performance. Below are a few performance review tips: • Have employees track their accomplishments. Before writing an employee review, ask each employee to provide a list of what they have accomplished over the year. This will help you remember all the projects that they have worked on and help employees feel good about all that they have accomplished throughout the year. • Schedule times consistently. Depending on when your performance reviews are complete, make sure all employees are on the same page when they are completed. If you perform reviews at the end of the year, try to schedule the reviews on the same day if possible so it is fair to all employees. • Provide honest feedback for both parties. In order to help your employees improve on the job, praise what they do well on the job and be honest in areas they need to focus on. Make in clear during the conversation that the employee can discuss anything that they have concerns with. It needs to be a two-way conversation. • Give plenty of examples. Whether it is positive or negative feedback, try not to be vague during your discussion. Examples for each major strength or weakness will provide a clearer picture to employees. • Focus on the future. Discuss what measurable goals you want your employee to accomplish in the future so that they can strive to achieve them. Also ask your employee if there are any areas of the business or your group they would like to get exposure to. This will show your employee that you want to provide them different opportunities to learn and grow. Remember performance reviews should be a positive experience and something that employees should look forward to. Creating a positive atmosphere during a review will help ease their nerves and have them leave your office with a renewed attitude towards their work and be well motivated for the year ahead.

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