The Entrepreneur in You?

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With today’s high unemployment rate, people who have lost their job are looking at all avenues for income. One path many look at taking is that of starting their own business. If you have a skill that is in need in your local area, some special niche that would allow you to start something that will provide a service and that is not already over flooded through your area, then maybe it is time to take a hard look at making the move.


Studies show that over 90% of the companies started by unemployed people are still an active viable company after three years; many of which have grown to provide additional positions that take more people out of unemployment status. Sometimes we are so big-business oriented, that we forget that most big businesses started small and grew. The grass-roots, mom-and-pop stores are still a way to offer special services while providing employment for many.


I know I personally am always on the look-out for little shops to visit and give business to. I do not have anything against the larger markets, and I do still shop at many of them. I just also try to make sure I look out for and find the smaller places, tucked away in the little strip malls or road side and see if I can provide them with my business.


I personally believe we should start really seeking to support smaller businesses, and help them grow. Many smaller businesses tend to be more directed at providing custom service, and less cookie-cutter automated service oriented. They seek to provide a more personal experience than the larger companies do. Take a look around your town and see if you can find a “whole in the wall” little business and give them a quick visit.


The study showed that the on average, most of these new businesses were started by males aged 30-60 who have had a certain amount of previous job skills and experiences that provided them what was needed to start out on their own. Many people have a dream of starting their own business, but as long as they are gainfully employed, they shy away from taking the steps to break out on their own. When unemployment hits them, it becomes the necessary push to get them on their way.


Now, entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and a startup business can be a rough road early on. But if you have the will, the skill, and the means to do so, you should at least take a look at the possibility – especially if you are unemployed. Many people dream of their own business, yet do not feel they themselves have what it takes to start one, and so they brush away even the smallest idea of pursuing it. Do not underestimate yourself, but open the door to the possibility and see what you can offer to your local area.


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