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Our latest IT poll asked our tech audience what they think is the current sought after IT skill. Here are the results: •35.70% Security •20.00% .NET •15.44% Database Administrator •13.42% Java •9.11% SAP •6.33% Oracle Security was voted the most sought after skill and it comes as no surprise in today’s world where super worms and deadly computer viruses are getting harder to detect and are hidden and spread in intricate ways. Security is a broad term for the protection of our information on computers, networks and electronic devices from theft, unauthorized use, disruption or illegal destruction or modification. The timely detection of threats and the ability to fix and react to them should be an important focus of any enterprise or technology professional. Security is consistently listed as a top priority because it affects computers, networks, personal information, public reputations and corporate stability and integrity. The need for advanced security skills grow everyday as every company is vulnerable ranging from your credit card company, to twitter and the airport. A breach at any of these places can seriously affect your time, money and sanity. While Oracle had the least amount of votes, it is still current and highly in demand. Oracle is one of the biggest business software companies in the world and continues to be a powerhouse. Their headway into cloud computing and security makes this a skill that will never go out of style. There are plenty of skills not included in this poll that are attracting attention. Green technology, cloud computing and CRM technology are gaining popularity as the demand grows every day. It is important to be well versed in your current skills but also be open to learning new technologies to stay relevant as a technology professional. The most important skill is your willingness to adapt to changing times and technology and continue to make an impact.

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  • Ivalene
    Thanks for posting!
  • Lyle Griess
    Lyle Griess
    Good news I'm a .NET expert
  • Bryce Rooney
    Bryce Rooney
    You missed the boat on Virtualization I guess
  • Scott Cookman, CISSP
    Scott Cookman, CISSP
    As a security professional, I am finding that security skills are the primary skill companies are looking for, but there is a catch. They also want you to have experience in programming with C++, Java, .Net, and Oracle/MySQL. Other additional requirements are experience with ERP or SOS software, as well as other specific application or operating system experience. A new security experience caveat that is on the forefront is knowing systems softare, services, and hardware associated with 3G & 4G wireless devices. As businesses are increasing their ability to communicate with their employees when they are on the go; either within the company property or on the road. This is a tough industry to get into if you have no experience with new technologies and security applications and settings.

    Security awareness is a must with this new wireless technology. With so many different types of wireless devices being adopted, employees need to have an increased awareness hammered into the minds of employees so that the devices are properly protected from loss or theft.  What employers should do is to hire a security professional and send them to training related to their services. Trying to find a security professional that already knows their IT services is rare and would probably be easier to hire within their IT organization and send the to security training, to obtain a certification once the minimum requirements have been met.

    Employers need to understand that there is no such thing as an IT Security Swiss Army knife person out there that needs a job. They are already taken and are paid more than seekig employers are offering.

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