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Whether you're fresh on the job market looking for your first professional position or you're an industry veteran trying to score a promotion, it's important to market your skills. Make sure your resume sells these top 10 traits employers want in an administrative assistant.

1. Communication Skills

As the first line of contact between the company's employees and its clients or vendors, the administrative assistant must be professional and friendly with the ability to diffuse difficult situations.

2. Organizational Abilities

Since an administrative assistant typically has to juggle many tasks and projects throughout the workday, organizational skills are essential as is the ability to prioritize duties.

3. Time Management Skills

As the backbone of the office, an assistant must make sure that meetings start and end at their designated times and that employees adhere to required deadlines.

4. Team Attitude

An administrative assistant has the task of ensuring that all employees in the office work together and coordinate for the good of the organization. Proficiency in motivating others is an important talent.

5. Financial Aptitude

Admin assistants are often tasked with ordering office supplies, paying vendors and sending invoices. The ability to keep expenses at a minimum helps to benefit the company's bottom line.

6. Industry Knowledge

Whether an administrative assistant is working in the real estate market or the manufacturing world, knowledge of the relevant industry is vital. An understanding of industry jargon and current trends helps open up communication between the assistant and co-workers, suppliers, clients and supervisors.

7. Technological Know-How

Experience in technology, including social media, can help the organization stay competitive by maintaining an online presence. Excellent assistants use the latest technology, including computer software, office equipment and apps, to keep the office running smoothly and efficiently.

8. Flexibility

Priorities change in an instant, and a good administrative assistant goes with the flow, tackling any urgent issues that arise while still continuing with everyday duties.

9. Professional Attitude

Whether an assistant is speaking to a vendor on the phone, escorting a customer to a meeting with the CEO, dealing face-to-face with a client or sending an email to a colleague, a professional attitude should be maintained at all times. A polished appearance is equally important.

10. Problem-Solving Skills

A stellar administrative assistant is able to troubleshoot problems that arise throughout the day. Whether a meeting room is double-booked or an office supply order comes up short, a good assistant comes up with a quick solution to ensure work in the office continues with minimal interruption.

When crafting your resume, make sure you market yourself to the hiring manager, pointing out how you excel in these 10 traits employers want in an administrative assistant. If you're lacking in an area, seek out training or formulate a development plan to hone that trait.

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