Three Gadgets That Show How Simpler Is Better

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Technology experts have seen major changes in how both the business and personal side of electronics have changed over the years. While server-side implementation may have gained complexity, technology gadgets aimed at consumer markets have exploded due to their simplicity and ease of adoption. These gadgets serve as a great reminder that technology that has a simpler approach may actually be better for long-term use and adoption at all levels.


The adoption of the tablet computer has shown that portability and ease of use are key factors for buyers looking for technology gadgets. Touchscreen technology duplicates the mouse and keyboard, making them optional extras instead of requirements. Tablets can be used for business purposes, but they're often used to play movies, play music, and surf the Internet as well. This allows the gadgets to replace many other media delivery devices. The newest gadgets accept both voice and touch input, providing even more features and the potential for use by the elderly or disabled. Dylan McGrath points out that consumer spending on such gadgets has grown noticeably in the past few years.


One deceptively simple gadget that has found its way into both the business world and the consumer market is the USB drive. These handy drives can take many forms, but most boil down to a case and a USB connection. This simple design is exceptionally effective. All the required information for drive operation is stored on the device, and many modern operating systems have preinstalled drivers and programs for accessing USB devices. John Rolfe reminds us how fragile some new gadgets can be, but the USB drive is a great example of lasting technology. The newest gadgets of this sort can hold massive amounts of images, text, and code. The ease of portability and durability of the simple design allow a standard flash drive to resist the wear and tear that would destroy optical or magnetic media.


Many technology gadgets are aimed at the burgeoning healthcare market. The electronic cigarette dispenses water vapor instead of harmful tar and plant-based smoke while still delivering small doses of nicotine. Whether it's a healthier alternative to smoking is still unclear, but its simple design matches that of modern cigarettes, allowing users of the technology gadgets to simulate the feel of smoking an actual cigarette. The device also eliminates or dramatically reduces instances of secondhand smoke inhalation, which can make its use more acceptable in many public settings than openly smoking cigarettes or cigars. The transfer of both simple use and problem-solving innovation from these technology gadgets to the IT world may provide insight and inspiration for future developments.


Many different gadgets have seen widespread use and adoption in the last few years. Simpler devices offer insight into what consumers are looking for in the near future. Simpler systems and hardware configuration can make your job easier as well, by making it easier for you to make required changes and upgrades. Using the lessons gained from the study of technology gadgets can help your team create just the tools it needs to succeed in the future.


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