Tips for Going All Digital as an Admin

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Taking the first steps often presents the biggest challenge when you decide to go for a paperless office. However, you can create an all-digital office much easier than you think is possible. Of course, the reliance on mobile and wireless technology makes this easier, but a few simple steps help you as an administrator achieve an office that no longer relies on paper.

Get Connected

Once you recognize the benefits of an all-digital office, you must prepare to get connected. More people use social media for a variety of functions every day, and using social media in the business field is no exception. As an administrator, you must know the benefits of keeping everyone in your organization reasonably connected through social media, as well as through internal networks within the office.

Get Mobile Devices

Investing in mobile devices for employees also helps you create an all-digital office. Many people do not warm up to new technology very easily, but supplying employees with company-issued devices helps you implement them more quickly. Using devices your company issues also means you get assurances that important communications reach everyone in a timely manner.

Use Electronic Statements

Your company receives communication such as bills, invoices and other necessities from other companies. Opting to receive electronic communications rather than paper statements moves you forward in your goals for a paperless office. This also means that you must invest in learning to use electronic signatures, which translates to extra precautions to prevent fraud.

Get Digital Scanners

Before disposing of all your old paperwork, make sure you have electronic records for your files. This means investing in a digital scanner to store all your important documents. Even though the scanner comes in handy mostly during the transition to an all-digital office, it also has value later on when you deal with others who still work with paper.

Invest in Remote Backup

You definitely do not want to neglect your backup and remote storage when you move toward your all-digital office. Any number of things go wrong with electronic equipment on any given day, so you must have a way to retrieve your digital files intact. Automatic, remote storage that works in the background of all your company's devices gives you an easy and efficient way to protect your files.

Shifting to paperless operations not only helps you run your office more efficiently but also goes toward helping your company create less of a carbon footprint. Making a transition to an all-digital office takes some time, but the investment helps in terms of saving resources within your company and in creating an image of sustainability for your customers. Your business benefits in many ways when you go all digital.


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