Top Five Technologies To Watch In 2011

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Here is a list of technologies to watch for in 2011. 1. Personal Energy Management. - By allowing people to monitor the amount of energy they consume through technologies from Google, General Electric, Intel, etc… people will be more inclined to want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions—an added bonus? Consumers can also find out how they can save money! 2. Gesture and Movement recognition for hands free control. - Recognition hardware in game consoles like Kinect is going to encourage companies like Microsoft to start offering customers more hands-free interfaces. 3. Wireless healthcare. - Thanks to wireless technology many more people are able to be monitored by medical professionals from the comfort of their own homes. General Electric, Qualcomm, and Intel are retooling their efforts on their telehealth and independent-living apps to focus on wireless connectivity. 4. 3-D Everything! - From TVs, games, mobile devices, 3-D Technology is turning up every where thanks to the 3-D optical metrology technique. 5. Security to go from Software to Hardware. - Thanks to the genius of Intel purchasing Macafee last year—security features will be directly built into their microprocessors. In addition to just fighting off computer viruses, the new built in security will be able to remotely disable a PC if it is stolen and Intel will focus on the security concerns of Cloud Computing. Advances in all of these technological fields will be exciting to watch. The best is yet to come.

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