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It can be difficult to define what makes a charismatic person. Charisma seems like such an elusive characteristic — something you're either born with or you're not. The good news is that you can learn to adopt the communication and interpersonal skills needed to become a charismatic person. Develop your charisma with the following tips.

Be Real

A charismatic person isn't afraid to reveal her true self. While anyone can express pride, it takes a special kind of person to be able to admit failure and show weakness. Showing vulnerability allows people to connect with you on a genuine, human level — and recognizing your mistakes and weaknesses ultimately helps you improve as a person.

Seek Common Ground

As an admin in any office environment, you're bound to come across many different personalities, opinions and working styles. These differences often lead to workplace conflict, but a charismatic person is adept at conflict prevention and resolution. The best way to do this is to seek common ground wherever you can. If a difference of opinion crops up, handle it in a way that adds to the conversation. Be ready and willing to compromise so all parties feel included and satisfied.

Use Touch Strategically

When used in the right way, a gentle touch can help induce a powerful connection between you and the person with whom you're speaking. For instance, when congratulating a colleague on a promotion or successful project, give her a firm handshake or a gentle pat on the back. The subtle touches reinforce your words in a powerful and positive way.

Be Gracious

Many people aren't great at receiving compliments. If your boss congratulates or praises you on a job well done, don't try to downplay your contribution or dismiss it in the name of modesty. Think of every compliment as a verbal gift; receive it graciously, say "thank you," and leave it alone. You deserve it.

Practice Active Listening

Listening is one of the most important skills for an admin to learn and master. A charismatic person gets people to open up by being an excellent listener. To improve your listening skills, remove distractions, and refrain from checking your phone or looking away while the other person talks. Make eye contact, and listen for key points. Try practicing with another person: Have a friend tell you a story for a specific period of time, and then try to repeat what she said. If you leave out important details, keep practicing until you can retain most of the conversation. Great listening skills are essential to performing your job well, and they can make people like and trust you more.

Be Respectful

Show everyone you come in contact with the utmost respect. A charismatic person shows the same level of kindness and appreciation to everyone, from every walk of life, in every setting. Treating service people or strangers poorly in public tells a great deal about someone's integrity and personality.

A complete personality overhaul is not required for adopting a more charismatic demeanor. Incorporating some charismatic qualities into your everyday behaviors goes a long way in helping you communicate effectively and work better with others.

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